Forever bags for you!!!!!

Welcome to my new Blog!
I decided to make this blog to show and sell my bags.
* My bags are designed and hand-made by myself *
Each one is "OOAK" bag, personalized as you wish, you can choose the fabrics, pattern, etc. and I can embroider your name on it!

I will put here photos of all the materials I have, fabrics, buttons, trims, laces ribbons. I can print fabrics as cotton, linen and silk with any kind of picture and use them to make your bag.

Just tell me what you want and I will send you the price.
You just pay for it if you like it!

I sell worlwide and payment is made by Paypal. I send everything by signed mail, no surface mail, unless you ask for, but in this case at your own risk.


Felted table runner

Last saturday in a work-shop of felted wool (with hot water and soap), I make this runner, . The runner has 3 layers, bottom layer in two orange tons, in the middle a white one, where I put small pieces of silk thread (may be you can see the fragments of silk (more bright) and a white top layer, which is decorated with wool .


work-shop costura criativa - creative sewing work-shop!

Este sábado passei uma tarde divertidíssima no atelier da Dina Piçarra, a aprender "costura criativa" e fiz esta bolsinha, toda cosida à mão! Foram 6 horas que passaram a correr, com um lanche óptimo, num espaço super agradável e a componhia 5 estrelas! ou seja adorei...obrigada Dina!
Visitem o blog da Dina Dina Ladina e vejam as coisas que ela faz, eu acho o máximo, e são todas peças únicas.


choosing the decoration...........

Fabric for the interior is a Portuguese typical fabric called "Chitas de Alcobaça" , I just love it! (I have a post about Alcobaça fabrics in this blog)


my last bag

back of the bag

Finally i finished this bag!!!!


last work-shop on wet felted wool

I have been learning the wet wool felted technique and in the last work-shop I learned how to make 3D pieces, with no seams at all! I made these slippers. I think they are cute, aren´t they?